Visitors said…

19th October 2020 Feedback from free Romans School Day at West Berkshire Museum

 I loved it all. I literally can’t decide because it was so cool. Can we please do it again? Thank you so much for the trip. It was amazing. 

I loved the trip it could not have gone better. I would love to come again. Thank you for having us

Thank you for the trip today, I loved it

My favourite part of the trip is the Roman soldier room but most of all I’m very grateful that West Berkshire Museum offered us this trip

I liked the part when we looked for the ancient things from the Romans. We looked at the kitchen stuff and I hope that we go again. My favourite part was when we created catapults and looked at the things that were dug up. 

The Roman trip was great. I hope I can go there with my family to look at everything again. 

The museum was AMAZING. I hope our class can go again! My favourite part was when the man was teaching us about the battles in Roman times. 

I loved it and I had a great time. I didn’t want to leave. Thank you for setting up the trip for us. 

I had a really good time. The best part was making catapults. 

I really enjoyed the trip and thank you so much for letting us have such a nice time in your museum and find out so much more about the Romans! I wish we could go again! 

I really liked the Romans trip because it was interesting. 

I loved the trip and I really want to go back again

I really enjoyed the school trip. Thank you, I had a great time.  

Thank you for a lovely trip, we are so lucky to get to go.” 

‘Absolutely wonderful day! Putting on the Roman shield and helmet made my grandson Tom’s day’

20th August 2014

‘What a great demonstration of Roman personal defence! Thanks to the fine young man in charge!’

13th June 2015

‘Lovely day! Our son especially enjoyed marching with the Roman soldiers – thank you so much!’

‘History comes alive!’

19th June 2016

‘A wonderful afternoon in ancient Britain. we especially loved the Roman villa. The Roman armour was a highlight for our 10 year old son. Thank you!’

19th June 2016

Brilliant visit very enjoyable. really enjoyed my first ever archery lesson, they were fantastic. Roman soldier was great too.

A very enjoyable day out! had so much fun. Learnt a lot and the medicine was my favourite part.

28th May 2017